From the beautiful coast to the picturesque landscapes, South Africa has always attracted people from all over the world. Whether they’re here to visit, work or play, tourists and internationals have added to our rich culture.

At OurHood, we have always embraced people from all over the world. Our team consists of home bred South Africans and talented Europeans.

And while South African communities are unique, it’s interesting to get a visitors point of view.
Andrea Mazzi is one of our Italian business interns from a small town near Milan.

He first visited South Africa about ten years ago and yearned to come back ever since. Even though his Italian culture was shaped by a very different history to our own, it is the different cultures mixed together that allow us to all coexist.

Andrea shares these poetic sentiments on what underpins the sense of community:

Unleash your hood

Even if it is known as the theatre of battles and struggles, a neighbourhood may always redeem itself, like the Colosseum did. Blood and tears often times give birth to beauty. The heart of every place lies in its residents and the common effort of their community to create a better environment.


Inspire your hood

Just after the end of the construction project, the well-known Leaning Tower of Pisa assumed its characteristic shape by accident. A new point of view broke into the world. Every particularity of a neighbourhood, especially if accidental, enriches its image.


Decorate your hood

There’s always space to work on details. The Milan Cathedral is constantly under maintenance and repair, in part to make the marble reflect in the eyes of Milan visitors. Every detail counts, even the smallest details stimulate people’s creativity in decorating and celebrating their communities.


Understand your hood

Michelangelo’s David has always been fascinating to me. It represents the perfect tension that comes from a battle and the importance of reflecting before making a decision. This last teaching is relevant for every human aspect, as well as for neighbourhood life.


Share your hood

Conviviality is a stable pillar of the Italian culture. Food is a delight only if enjoyed with at least another person, no matter how it is prepared. Sharing with others allows us to discover the inner meaning of what surrounds us, allowing the growth of a community.


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