The way we communicate with each other has evolved so rapidly that “being connected” has topped our well-being priority list.

And who can blame us? Humans are essentially social creatures. Modern technology and communication platforms have made it easier to fulfil this crucial part of our make up.

Mainstream, online social networks cater for our natural desire to share our thoughts, experiences, ideas and emotions. But one natural network that exists offline still has to find its way online – that is neighbourliness.

The sense of community has been entrenched in society since the Stone Age. And the way we communicate within these communities has been a fundamental challenge for civilisation.

What started as stories around a campfire evolved to a soapbox in the middle of the town square and later became a flyer-filled notice board at the local shopping centre.

But 25 years into the Information Age, the digital world still doesn’t present a suitable platform for neighbourhoods to communicate.

OurHood aims to fill this space with an innovative platform specifically designed for neighbours.

Some may argue that popular social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp and even Google Plus provide that space.

However, people seem to forget that these networks are designed for individuals. You are at the centre of your network surrounded by interests whereas communities exist with a shared interest at the centre.

Popular social networks also pose the challenge of managing communities online as your private, professional and neighbourhood social lives gets mixed together.

Even though social networks have tried to incorporate communities by introducing Group functionality, most of these groups turn into sprawling conversations with various topics at any one time.

So how exactly does OurHood mitigate these challenges?

Firstly, information on OurHood is categorised in simple sections that eliminate the need to trawl through irrelevant content. This categorisation is important as studies suggest that majority of online users use a platform to receive information. If this information is not easily accessible, a large percentage of the online population ‘s interest is lost.

The saying “Good fences make good neighbours” seems to reflect communities today. We want to have relationships with our neighbours: relationships that are trusting.

These relationships are important as the information, such as recommendations; crime reports cooperation around community interests and politics, is based on confidence.

It is hard to maintain trusted relationships on other social networks as users are not always who they say they are.

OurHood’s verification process, where we ensure neighbours are who they say they are, create those “fences” that promote good, trusted neighbourliness.

Social networks are great platforms to sate your personal interactions needs but when it comes to fulfilling that sense of belonging, OurHood is the number one choice for community interaction.

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