Today’s fast paced world is filled with consumerism, competition and endless amounts of consumption. We see this everywhere as the average individual is bombarded with all types of advertisements for a wide selection of products and services on a daily basis. Companies strive to increase their profits while tending to disregard the basic needs or well-being of the consumer. [expand title=”Read More…”]

The question is, do we as consumers really need to surrender ourselves to this almost outdated ideology and purchase things that are being pushed onto us? Are we being manipulated into buying things we don’t necessarily need? Is there no other way to decrease our high levels of consumerism, thus saving us money, helping others as well as indirectly supporting the “go green” initiative?

OurHood feels that sharing with your neighbours just may be the answer.

Recent global discussions around the notion of the “share economy” have been on the increase. This seemingly rapid growing concept revolves around the shift of the ownership of goods and tends to focus more towards a unique borrowing system. The concept becomes a lot easier to grasp when we start to discover and utilize new types of mediums and technological advancements being introduced into our modern world.

The OurHood online platform makes the concept of sharing resources with each other, amongst many other things, a realistic ideology. Need to borrow a ladder for the weekend, a power drill, or a cup of sugar? No problem, post in your neighbourhood’s trade post section on OurHood and voilà! OurHood allows you to connect with residents in your own neighbourhood.

No more endless spending and wasted energy. Would you not want to live in a society that shares instead of one that greedily consumes and hoards? The average electric drill, for example, is used for approximately 13 minutes in its entire lifetime – how does it make sense to buy something like that? Would it not be much more efficient to share it when needed?

The share economy is an idea that we at OurHood encourage and embrace. Let us promote the benefits of sharing with each other in order to change our bad consumer habits, improving our lives and neighbourhood’s for the better. Discuss your thoughts and ideas about this topic on your Hood’s forum page and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

– The OurHood Team. [/expand]