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World Clean Up Day

World Clean Up Day

In 2018, on 18th September, 18 million people across 157 countries and territories united for the biggest waste collection day in human history. Whilst it is an impressive statistic, we believe that we can beat this record! Saturday 21st September is World Clean…

Women’s Day – 9th August

National Women's Day

In South Africa, Women’s Day is a day to both celebrate women’s contribution to achieving freedom in South Africa, and more specifically, the actions of those women in 1956 who marched for their freedom and equality. On 9 August 1956, 20,000 women of…

Local Business Highlight: Sidewalk Specials

Today we want to thank Sidewalk Specials for our newest member of the OurHood team, Lady.  About 1 year old, Lady is a foster from Sidewalk Specials, a non-profit dog-rescuing company set up by British born Rachel Sylvester. Despite moving to South Africa…

Local organisation works to get kids off the street

For many children, their neighbourhood is seen as a safe place where streets are filled with bicycles and the fields occupied by soccer balls and play parks. But for some children, the street is their struggle and only source of survival. According to…

Local association needs support to preserve public space

Our neighbourhoods are made up of buildings, houses, streets, businesses and public spaces. But it’s the people, cultures, traditions, monuments, activities and meaning that breathe life into our communities. These things form the heritage of our neighbourhoods. A local ratepayer’s association in Cape…

5 Great reasons why you should get to know your neighbours

The make up of a neighbourhood is not merely the character of buildings in a location or the people that live there. What truly makes a neighbourhood is the connection people have with each other. These connections turn an ordinary residential area into…

Your neighbours are your best home security asset

Home security and safety in the neighbourhood probably tops most people’s list of what makes them feel secure. And while there are many security companies and projects and strategies aimed at keeping you safe, the most basic and effective safety precaution is often…

Rosebank mall puts smiles on kids’ faces through art

It is no doubt that December is the time for giving. One local shopping centre in Rosebank, Johannesburg has not only embodied this sentiment but also helped put smiles on the faces of local children. In the spirit of true neighbourliness, The [email protected]

Cape Town edu-care hosts community market

In the spirit of neighbourliness, a Cape Town edu-care centre has opened its hearts and doors to their neighbours. Kay-Dee Edu-care in Rosebank has welcome neighbours to join the first on many community markets they’re hoping to run.

Matric examinations -Parents survival guide

The 2016 Matric examinations have officially kicked off. To many parents this may mean the end of 13 years of schooling for the children. But for Grade 12 learners, it means hours of daunting fate-deciding tests.