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Our top tips for safeguarding your home over the festive period

Holidays are a time to let down your hair and relax. But sometimes the countdown to the festive break can be quite a stressful experience. There’s packing to do, last minute washing and tidying, and of course, making sure your home is safe…

Beware of Muggings – here are our top tips!

Now we all know that occurrences of muggings are prevalent in South Africa’s neighbourhoods, so we’ve teamed up with our friends Blue Security, in KwaZulu-Natal to bring you the following tips:

Burglars Target Homes During Load Shedding

It looks like the bad guys are making use of Eskom’s load shedding timetables to target homes who aren’t able to set their alarms.[expand title=”Read More…“] When a new crime was posted after load shedding on Friday night, all the neighbours in Camps…