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Keeping Your Home Safe this Christmas

Christmas is South Africa

Whilst Christmas is a time for love and cheer, crime rates in South Africa rise dramatically over the festive period. In a blog earlier this month, we covered some simple tips on how to stay safe over the festive season (refresh your memory…

Load Shedding Safety Tips

Load Shedding

With a week of heavy shed loading ahead, we thought we would share with you a few simple tips to keep safe when those lights go out. * Keep an eye on the proposed load shedding times so that you and your family…

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Get To Know Your Neighbours


Knowing your neighbours comes with a wide range of benefits, from enhanced safety to a greater community identity. Yet in our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to connect with our local community. OurHood aims to change this, by…

Staying Safe this Festive Season

Christmas in South Africa

Crime is an ongoing problem in South Africa, and the bad news is that crime levels tend to increase markedly over the festive season. Greater community involvement is one of the best ways to prevent crime and increase safety in a neighbourhood, and…

Report Crime to Stop Crime.

Crime OurHood

OurHood is a private online platform where you can connect with your neighbours and community and share information on crime and safety, recommendations and tradesmen referrals, lost pets, local services and general news. Our mission is to create safer communities across South Africa,…

Support your local neighbourhood watch and increase safety in your community!

Neighbourhood Watch

  OurHood has been an invaluable platform for streamlining and providing accurate information between the GMWCP committee, the security service provider and residents. At the touch of a key, the committee is now able to reach a significantly larger audience than before with…

SA’s Drug Awareness Week: 24th to 28th June

Drug Awareness Week

This Wednesday is the start of South Africa’s Drug Awareness Week. The campaign is designed to create awareness around drug and alcohol addiction in South Africa and is an opportunity to address how we can effectively reduce the impact of substance abuse. Misuse…

The Big Five on Crime & Safety

Crime OurHood

With crime an ever-present threat and on the rise in South Africa, we give you our top tips for staying safe in your neighbourhoods.  Cape Town ranked as the South African city with the highest rates of murder, robbery and non-violent property-related crimes in…

Safety tips for people at home during the day

Property and neighbourhood related crimes, such as robberies and theft, are growing problems across many communities. The 2016 crime statistics released by the South African Police Service (SAPS) showed that an average of 675.5 houses were burgled in the country each day. The…

Minimise your risk of being hijacked

More than 40 cars are hijacked each day in South Africa, making hijacking one of the biggest problems facing the South African Police Services (SAPS).