South Africans have been hit hard. Not only has VAT just increased by 1% from 14% to 15%  but petrol has had a huge increase this month. Recently the petrol prices increased by an average of 70 cents per litre. A litre of unleaded 93 octane fuel costing about R13.90 will increase to about R14.42 and 0.05% Diesel going roughly from R12.10 to R12.75 (prices may vary on area and petrol station). Luckily OurHood has a simple solution for you, Carpool with your neighbours.

Benefits of carpooling/starting a lift club

  • Save Money. Carpooling can save you a lot of money especially in South Africa where traffic and distance make daily trips to work and school a journey. 
  • Reduce stress. Driving can be very stressful.  Traffic is congested, cars cut in all the time and road rage is a common trend amongst drivers. Cut down the stress by carpooling sharing the responsibility of driving and have a chat with your lift club buddies. 
  • Friendships. Carpooling allows you to meet people in your area and can provide you with conversation during your commute.
  • Carbon Footprint. Carpooling reduces your carbon footprint as you share a lift rather than taking your own car every day, reducing pollution.
  • Time. Carpooling can save you time. The more South Africans carpool, the less cars are on the road. Less cars on the road mean less congestion and this is good for everyone because it means you can get to your desired destination quicker.

How to start a lift club on OurHood

OurHood offers you the chance to connect with not only the neighbours you already know but to everyone in your area. This means that there is a greater chance that someone in your area will be going to the same area as you. Here are steps to creating a lift club on OurHood.

  1. Create a group in OurHood. Add as many people in your area, the more people the better chance of finding lifts.
  2. Inform the members that the group should be used to find and create regular lift clubs in your area.
  3. Communicate. Inform your neighbours about where you need to go and what time.  Ask if anyone goes to the same sort of area as you do. This way you can find neighbours that you can have daily lifts with. You can also just use the group to find the odd lift every now and again.
  4. Create a second group. This second group could be for the few neighbours that have you can regularly carpool with.
  5. Establish Transportation. Figure out whose car will be used or if you are going to Uber, what are some rules in the car and the group etc. no eating and where and when you will be picked up.

How to create a group  

Now you know how to start a lift club on OurHood here are some steps to create a group on OurHood.

  1. Login or Sign up to OurHood
  2. Click on ‘Messaging’ in the Ourhood menu
  3. Click on ‘Create New’ or ‘+’ depending if you are on the app or the website
  4. Change your new message from ‘Direct Message’ to ‘Groups’
  5. Add your group info like a name and a description of the group
  6. Add members
  7. Once finished click ‘Create Group’ and you have created your group

From your Friendly Neighbours at OurHood