Call 2 Care (C2C) was born out of the goodness of the team’s hearts, simply by realising what a huge difference one person can make. This Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) “serves to uplift and empower those in need, through sustainable solution models”, and do exactly that in numerous ways.

OurHood (OH) spoke to C2C’s Co-Founder, Alexandrnya (Alex) Audagnotti, about the NPO. We wanted to find out more about what inspired her to start C2C, her love for people and helping them, and her plans for C2C in the future.

OH: So, it started in a soup kitchen in Khayelitsha, on Heritage Day in 2014. Were you just standing there, and thought to yourself: “I can do more than this… I want to do more…  I’m going to start an NPO!”

Alex: (Laughs), sort of. I had spent many years before that volunteering abroad and had missed spending time helping others – the camaraderie of it – and meeting new, like-minded people. My boyfriend and I had decided to start a very small, ad hoc, volunteer organisation, which yes, started with a Soup Kitchen in Baphumelele, Khayelitsha. It was such a hit with our friends and family, and others who volunteered. So then, we then started several other give back drives, such as health diabetes workshops, planting vegetable gardens in Kuils River, etc.  

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.

OH: Why did you decide to start an organisation? Why not just keep volunteering?

Alex: I suppose, initially, we wanted to reach more people, and the best way to do that was to formalise the initiative with a name, a website and social media platforms. The idea at the time was to continue Call 2 Care as a volunteer organisation with several opportunities for the general public to get involved.

OH: Because the general public wants to help wherever they can, they just don’t always know how to, right?

Alex: Yes, exactly. It works both ways, really. People who do want to get involved in community giveback initiatives don’t really know where to start, and entities that need support don’t know who to turn to, to assist them.  But with more exposure came more requests from corporate entities, governmental partners and tourism companies to partner with us to do more. Call 2 Care naturally evolved into an intermediary – a voice of the community – where we now identify what the need is, and partner with anyone who can offer support.

OH: Tell me more about your background. Where did you come from and how to did you get to this point? Did you ever see yourself running an NPO?

Alex: Oh, man. That’s a whole page entry (laughs). I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had studied Anthropology & Sociology at Rhodes University – and loved the subject matter. Then alongside every Social Studies / Bachelor of Arts student I know, I felt very lost after university, with very little direction. I wanted to do something meaningful, but didn’t know what. To make ends meet I worked in hospitality and saved up enough to go overseas, travel and teach English. It was in Korea and Vietnam that I started getting involved with volunteer organisations and loved what we did. It was an amazing time! I met some incredibly inspiring people that taught me so much. When I was in Vietnam, my father became sick, so I decided to come home to support the family. While being back, I fell in love (with a man that lives here in South Africa, but whom I actually originally met in Vietnam), and the rest is history. I decided to stay and make a life here in Cape Town, and Call 2 Care was born.

OH: How has C2C been received in the communities that you’ve helped?

Alex: Generally, we are welcomed very warmly. Sometimes there is an initial scepticism, which is completely understandable, as there are entities that make promises and do not deliver on them. Or that offer once-off support, which becomes more problematic in the long-run, as there is no sustainable support or know-how. We do our very best to try and be as sustainable as possible, and instead of delivering and walking away, we rather work with the communities by engaging in educational workshops, so that all solutions implemented are requested or sought after, understood and sustainable.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.

OH: What does the future hold for C2C?

Alex: It’s very exciting. Long-term, we hope to establish projects that holistically and sustainably approach most of our socio-economic challenges in Cape Town. In the next 5 years, we hope to have programs that cover all community development verticals. Short-term, we are launching another fundraiser. Community Chef is a pay-it-forward cooking class where we cook for the less fortunate. With Mandela Day coming up, we will be hosting a give-back opportunity at St Joseph RC Primary for the chronically ill. Thus giving the general public the chance to get involved in for their 67 minutes.

OH: If the general public or businesses would like to get involved, how can they go about doing that?

Alex: There are several ways that community development can be part of any corporate culture. We make it simple for companies to provide a sustainable difference to vulnerable communities.
Our goal is to match any company with the perfect cause for their business. We provide a unique experience for all team, clients and other stakeholders, that allows them to have fun, while simultaneously giving back to the community. All of our programs can be customised in line with their business goals. Our team works hand-in-hand with our corporate clients, every step of the way, to ensure sustainability and success.

Businesses/companies can contact me at: [email protected], and we can arrange to give you a quick call to discuss how we can assist you with a personalised CSR / CSI strategy for your business.

OH: Before you go, what is one of your favourite, most memorable experiences during your time at C2C so far?

Alex: That is a difficult question. I love them all. Honestly. Some of the initiatives pose more challenges than others, but it’s working through these with the community that really makes it worth it. Our initiatives vary so widely, that it’s very difficult to pinpoint a favourite initiative. Currently, we are running an After School Program at Siseko Educare in Gugulethu, which makes me smile every day. Right now, we are doing a veggie gardening program, with thirty 7 – 13 year olds. We are teaching them about where their food comes from, and how to cook and eat from the garden afterwards. Every lesson is met with such enthusiasm and warmth, and the children love it so much that they are literally hanging on our legs on our way out. It’s really something I look forward to at the end of each week.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.

OurHood really enjoyed chatting to Alex, and hope to catch up with her in the future, to hear more about Call 2 Care, and what they’ve been getting up to.

C2C hosts a few different projects and services that you can get involved with and give back to your community by doing something different (out of your ordinary) at the same time.

  • The iGardi Project

Each month, C2C visits underprivileged communities. Through gardening and growing vegetables, individuals are empowered and taught how to benefit themselves, as well as the rest of the community. “The iGardi Project ensures that anyone is able to build these gardens, cost-effectively, and grow their own nutritious food, feasibly and conveniently.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.
  • Paint & Sip

With some delicious wine (over 18’s only) to give you that extra bit of confidence, a professional artist helps you find your inner creative spirit, allowing you to paint your own original art piece. The funds raised from these events are used to fund all community development projects.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.
  • The Community Chef

Teams are given ingredients upon arrival, and (with the help of the Head Chef) are challenged to cook up a storm, by aiming to feed hundreds of community members.

Again, all proceeds raised are used to help C2C “deliver holistic and sustainable solutions to community development projects”.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.
  • The Philile Project

Some synonyms for the Nguni word, “Philile”, are: whole, healthy, alive, sound, well, complete. With the help of trained counsellors, the project looks at individuals in the context of the combined influence that psychological factors and the surrounding social environment have on their physical and mental wellness and their ability to function, providing support where needed.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.

C2C has 2 new projects/services in the pipeline, that will be added to their website really soon.

  • Clay & Sip

Clay & Sip is a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity, as an experienced local potter takes you step-by-step through the process of producing a unique piece of crockery to add to your kitchen collection.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.
  • Revamp

Revamp allows you to help transform community centres and early childhood centres to be a safe, secure and inspiring haven. The project allows you to build the centre of our communities’ dreams, all expertly packaged in a fun and exhilarating event format with expert facilitation. C2C works with a number of beneficiaries that require assistance with maintenance and upgrade programs, that you and your team can contribute towards to leave a lasting difference. Inspired to volunteer or host a team building event for your company? Click here and you can do your bit to help, build, strengthen and improve your fellow communities, in numerous ways, today.

Pic credit: Call 2 Care.

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