Breast cancer among South African women is increasing. It is one of the most common type of cancer, affecting women, according to the national health department.

One in 26 women in South Africa is likely to develop the disease. This month, we support the fighters, admire the survivors and honour the taken.

October is the designated Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It reflects a national drive to raise awareness of this disease across all races and classes.

To raise awareness, we must first educate ourselves. We’ve compiled some important information and facts you need to know:

Signs and Symptoms

If detected and diagnosed at a very early stage, breast cancer is treatable. It is important that you know what changes in your bodies to look out for. Breast cancer patients have shown the symptoms below. But these signs could also be a result of other illnesses or conditions. It is therefore imperative that you consult a doctor or a nurse should these unexplained signs appear.

symptoms breast cancer


Risk Factors

Anyone can develop breast cancer. But there are factors that put some women at a higher risk. Although these factors may increase the chance of developing , it does not make it inevitable.

breast-cancer-rick factors


Know your breast health

Knowing what’s normal and what’s not in your breast is vital in detecting irregularities. Go for regular medical check ups, examine yourself and stay informed.

facts about breast cancer


Common types of breast cancer

Many people may not know that breast cancer comes in different forms and stages. It is important to understand the different types of the disease as doctors determine the kind of treatment based on it.

8-common-types of breast cancer


Myths busted

There is arguably lots of misconceptions around the disease and what causes it. Here are a few myths and facts.

myths and facts about breast cancer


OurHood knows that women are strong pillars of any community. We salute the strong women who are fighting breast cancer. Those who have overcome it and those who have not.

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