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.One of the best things about a strong and close neighbourhood, is the instant network that it creates. Should you ever be looking to borrow, sell, buy, gift or trade something, neighbours are often the best bet to turn to. Need a hammer for a DIY project? Borrow one from your neighbour. Or perhaps you have an old tennis racket gathering dust? Why not offer it up and make a new friend? With OurHood, our CLASSIFIED section makes this easier than ever! Read on to find out how you can start sharing with your neighbours today.

How to create a post in the CLASSIFIEDS section via the OurHood website.

sell and buy using Ourhood

After logging in to OurHood, you’ll be taken to your homepage.

buy and sell using OurHood

Where is says: “Post a message, event or urgent alert to neighbours…”, click on the “add” button.

Buy and sell using OurHood

On this page, choose the “CLASSIFIED” option:

Buy and sell using OurHood

Buy and sell using OurHood

Here, you can choose whether you’d like to Borrow, Sell, Buy, Give or Trade something.
Then, enter the Subject, Price and Description.

Buy and sell using OurHood

We suggest that you include a photograph of the item, as this will lend a sense of trust.

When you are done, click:

Buy and sell using OurHood

A confirmation message will appear (in green) to let you know that your post was uploaded successfully.

Buy and sell using OurHood

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

The OurHood Team 🙂

Connecting Neighbours and Strengthening Communities.

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