Now we all know that occurrences of muggings are prevalent in South Africa’s neighbourhoods, so we’ve teamed up with our friends Blue Security, in KwaZulu-Natal to bring you the following tips:

If you ever find yourself in a mugging situation:

  • Stay calm and keep your head
  •  It’s best to comply with the muggers demands, to prevent injury
  •  Respond to the muggers questions neutrally and not in a confrontational manner
  •  Try to take a mental snapshot of what the mugger looks like, distinguishing features, clothing, tattoos and scars
  •  Go straight to the nearest police station to report the crime

Some preventative tips:

  •  Travel smart: travel in a group, keep to well-lit and busy areas
  •  Be aware of your surroundings: don’t talk, message or play on your phone
  •  Out of sight, out of mind: keep items like your phone, music player and camera hidden
  •  If you have a smart phone, activate the ‘Find my phone’ apps
  •  Use the ‘tools’ you have – feet, hands and keys, (keys are a surprisingly good defense tool)
  •  Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself and the mugger by shouting for help

Don’t be a mug, use these top tips, and remember to keep your neighbours informed by posting any suspicious activity in your OurHood crime section. Your neighbours will all be informed immediately by receiving an SMS/ email from OurHood.

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Keep safe out there guys!

The OurHood Team x

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