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Our mission at OurHood is to create safer, better and more connected neighbourhoods, and we believe that community partners are important role players in making this vision a reality.

The OurHood Partner Portal is a free, private and secure communication tool which allows community partners to talk directly to verified residents in the area they operate in. All partners have a special profile and dedicated section on OurHood where they can post into a “News Feed” section. When a new post from the organisation is released, members in the area are automatically alerted via email, SMS, and push notification (depending on choice). The posts and attachments are then stored in the partner section.


Ways in which partners can use OurHood:

  • Educate residents on your organisation
  • Garner support for local projects or events
  • Share important resources with other organisations in your area
  • Respond to queries or complaints from residents and encourage active citizenry
  • Store documents such as meeting minutes, public participations forms or your organisation’s constitution, making them easily available to all residents in your area

Who can be a partner?

A community partner is any organisation that focuses on improving a neighbourhood through safety, social or environmental efforts. These organisations can be a neighbourhood watch, community policing forum, ratepayers or civic association, a local feeding scheme, ward councillor, home owner’s association, and so on.

How to become a partner:

Simply fill out a form which will be provided by OurHood. We will then contact your organisation, do a quick vetting process and build your community profile. There is no membership fee for community partners or residents.

Single v. Multiple hood partners:

Single Hood Partners: Community partners who operate in one neighbourhood only can simply log into OurHood with their partner profile and create a new post by clicking on the Create a Post field. Select the Partner tab, type your message, select your notification preference and send.

Multiple hood partners: Community partners who operate in multiple hoods can log into the OurHood Partner Portal with their partner profile. Select the Create New Post option on the menu, type your message, choose which neighbourhoods should receive the message, select your notification preference and send.

If you’d like to suggest a community partner, email us at [email protected] and we’ll contact your local organisation.

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