Going back to school is a stressful time for both parents and children. Ourhood wants to help reduce this stress by giving you some helpful tips and tricks to get organised for school.

The day before

Check supplies 

Check if they are any supplies that your child may be missing and make a list to go buy them.

Clear space 

Ensure there is a spaced cleared for your child to do homework at. You can also kit it out with stationary and paper to make it more accessible for your child.


You and/or your child should go through their books and papers and make sure that they are all filed properly and up to date.


Sit down with your child and come up with a weekly schedule which should include sport and extramural activity times and when your child is going to do homework. This way there is a less of a fight to do homework in the evenings as your child already knows they are going to have to do it at a certain time, no compromises.

Head to Toe Look

Put your child’s uniform out the night before and check that they are sticking to the school rules regarding hair, nails and other regulations that might be an issue.


 Have enough food for breakfasts and school lunches. You can even prepare some ready to pack snacks for the week so it is less of a hassle.


Make sure if your children have forms or letters you need to sign for school, sign them.

Lift Clubs

Try start a lift club with some of your neighbours to save you time dropping off your kids. Ourhood has a step to step guide on how to do this.

On the day

Early morning

Leave earlier than you would normally do for school. This way when your kids get to school they can sort out all their books and if there’s a problem with getting ready in the morning you won’t be late.


Get your child to write a list of the homework they have. This helps both you and your child to ensure that all the homework for the day is complete.


Stick to your schedule especially on the first day. If you don’t your children would think that it is more of a guideline than rules.

Back to school recipes

  • Tortilla roll-ups. Quick, easy and a delicious food for lunches you can also easily change up the filling.
  • Granola Bars. Breakfast, snacks or lunch, these bars can be eaten at any time. Make a big batch and save them, this way you don’t need to think about snacks/ or breakfasts for a while.
  • Ham sandwich. This is a really nice recipe for a ham sandwich, it’s not too difficult and doesn’t take up too much time but it is much nicer than just cheese and ham on a sandwich.
  • Oatmeal cookie. Like the granola bar, these biscuits excellent to make in a big batch for a snack or a treat. They are also healthier than normal biscuits.
  • Pizza roll-ups. This easy and inexpensive take on a pizza is the ideal snack for kids when they come home from school.
  • Yoghurt fruit bars. This bar is a nice treat for children and something a little different than the usual bars and biscuits.
  • Frozen fruit bowl. For something a bit healthier these fruit bowls can be made in bulk, frozen and can save you from having to make a huge lunch on a bad day.
  • Blueberry and banana muffins. This is a breakfast that doesn’t take too long to make and can also be saved and used for the next few days.


To top all these tips and tricks off, here for some fun back to school DIY activities.

From your Friendly Neighbours at OurHood