It’s 9 am. Your child, shouting and running around your bed, wakes you up. Like a hurricane, he starts to scream “It’s father’s day! It’s father’s day!” while jumping on your blankets. You are now awake and you start to wash your teeth while your son is there, singing and dancing. “It’s father’s day! It’s father’s day!”.

You smile, because you understand this will be a great day.

It’s 9 am. You are awake while your daughter is still asleep in bed. She was out with some friends till late. They probably went out dancing somewhere. After a while, you decide to wake her up gently. At first, she doesn’t remember¬† which day it is. But then (with mum’s help), she comes to you and says “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!”.

You smile, because you know this will be a great day.

It’s 9am. You have been up for a while now. You are looking forward to lunch, because it’s a special occasion. You will see your son, his wife, your grandson and your granddaughter again. You haven’t seen them in a while and you have been waiting for this moment for months because they all live so far away. It is almost time. You arrive at the restaurant. You see a young family, with an energetic child parking the car. You see another family, with a beautiful daughter, walking toward the entrance. Then, you see your family. Your grandchildren run toward you, while your son smiles and whispers, “Thanks. Happy Father’s day, Dad”.

You do not need to hear that, because you are already smiling. You have already decided a long time ago that this year, the 21st of June would have been a great day.

The 21st of June is one of the most important days for many men in this world. Use this time to talk, laugh, play, work, cook, dance with the most awesome man of your life. And, of course, share your stories with us #OurFathersDay!

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