OurHood.co.za – a social network designed to improve neighbourhoods and strengthen communities – is live!

 OurHood provides an online platform for residents to communicate with each other on any device. Local Neighbourhood Watches and community groups will no longer have to rely on the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp or email to share news of crime, lost dogs and AGMs. Enter OurHood.

 The web app will provide a window into designated neighbourhood groups  where residents can discuss relevant issues securely, and for free. Content will include everything from:

  • warnings about crime
  • sharing ladders or prams
  • selling washing machines or old bikes
  • organizing bridge games and trail runs
  • paying electricity bills, reporting potholes and contacting your ward councillor.
  • even ordering milk and bread to your doorstep!

 The content on the site will be largely generated by you, the resident. So take a look and be sure to register so that you know when your neighbourhood website launches.

 Enjoy living in a better and more connected neighbourhood!

OurHood Team