The make up of a neighbourhood is not merely the character of buildings in a location or the people that live there. What truly makes a neighbourhood is the connection people have with each other. These connections turn an ordinary residential area into a thriving community.

There is a lot of talk about neighbours and communities. Even businesses have jumped on-board and are adopting the sense of community into their brands and services. And it is no surprise that people all over the world are looking to build stronger neighbourhoods because they understand the value of need one another.

Getting to know your neighboUrs, whether its the living next door or down the road, has all sorts of mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

Here are five benefits of getting to know your neighbours:

Community Safety

Getting to know your neighbours opens up the channels for local safety. Your neighbours are the people most likely to keep an eye out for you, whether it be to watch your property or making sure your child plays safely outside. When residents get together through neighbourhood watch or public safety initiatives, crime is more controlled and often decreased.

Living in a neighbourhood with proactive residents can increase your family’s safety, thwart criminal activity and promote a safer area.

Added Family Value

Your neighbours often share the same values as you and therefore understand your family needs, especially concerning children. Children usually make friends in the areas they live in. Because of these connections, your neighbour can be a great source of support.

Good neighbours can be helpful for emergency childcare and generally keeping a lookout for safety.

Financial Benefits

Having close ties with your neighbours can prove to be financially beneficial. If you’re in need of a power drill or a lift to the shopping centre, it really is convenient to have someone close by who can help you out.

Service providers such as security companies or Internet suppliers offer discounts if many residents in an area sign up for the same service. Gathering interest or support for a service from your neighbours can end up costing you less than if you signed up by yourself.

Your neighbours are also your most loyal customers if you offer a service, sell goods or own a local business.

Boost your Social Circle

Nowadays, we all live very busy lives. We often don’t have much time to socialise. Your neighbours are the easiest and most convenient friends to make. Popping next door for a cup of coffee or have a dinner with the family across the street are simple, time effective ways of socialising. Neighbours share similar interests so stopping for chat on your way to work is easy and fun.

Get Help Quickly

Getting to know your neighbours makes it easier for you to get help with an errand or D.I.Y task. Whether you need your lawn mowed or a babysitter, your neighbours are close by for assistance when you need it most.

Having a strong relationship with the people around is the best safety and social investment you can make.

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